A facilitated, faith-based
executive group

Leading a successful organization is challenging enough. Doing so based on faith-based principles can be even more difficult. — You don’t have to go it alone.


With our holistic approach, an element of faith is integrated into almost every learning opportunity and discussion as we endeavor to make faith a key element in every decision we make for our organizations, family and community. This forum focuses on executives because they are the greatest influencers of the mission, culture and human capital in any organization and serve as leaders in their family and community. We believe that by training and coaching executives, and helping them stay strong in their faith, our one-to-many strategy will also help build successful organizations and influence employees, vendors, customers, communities and families.

FBXO lives at the intersection of . . .



The culture of each group is critical to the success of the members


The culture strives to balance personal fulfillment, the harsh realities of business, maintaining healthy relationships and family life, and having faith and biblical teachings be a significant part of our day-to-day decision making processes.  By understanding their interconnectedness of Business, Leadership, Family and Faith, our members gain the insight necessary to keep them in balance. Holistic approach – Faith-based – Actionable information – Surrounded by good listeners – Confidential – Peer-to-peer learning – Subject matter experts


The business & faith topics we cover are compelling and insightful


FBXO sessions provide timely content and robust discussion about basic organization functions, sensitive workplace topics, and the unique challenges of business owners and senior executives, all with and underpinning of biblical, faith-based principles.  From basic business topics like finance, marketing and human capital, to faith-based topics like values, biblical principles and morality, no issue is off the table inside the forum.


Is FBXO a good fit for you?


FBXO is not for everyone. Being a member requires a commitment to the mission of the forum.  There will be prep work for some sessions.  Engagement in group discussions is expected. Sharing your own challenges and helping others conquer theirs is iron sharpening iron.

Group Size:  8-12 members

Group Sessions:  Monthly

1-on-1 Sessions:  Monthly


Our members have access to resources and content that is compelling, focused and actionable including:

  • Articles
  • Book lists
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Connections to SMEs
  • Executive Network


The Power of the Peer Group Awaits

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